About the Workshop

December 14th, 2013
Write Better Action by Using Cinematic Techniques
by Ian Thomas Healy
Workshop Proposal
The purpose of this workshop is to give writers some pointers and guidelines on how to improve their action scenes by implementing some of the same kinds of techniques used in film-making. This workshop will offer my new terminology and definitions, an introduction to the basic concepts of an Action Scene, and application of the concepts, all of which will teach the attendee how to write better action.
Total Length: 2 hours or two 1-hour workshops*
Group Size: 6-30 attendees
First Hour – Definitions and Terminology
Introduction (5 min)
Defining the Action Scene (10 min)
  • What is an Action Scene?
  • Who is involved in Action Scenes?
  • Where do Action Scenes take place?
  • Why use Action scenes at all?
The Building Blocks of Action Scenes (15 min)
  • The Stunt
  • The Engagement
  • The Sequence
Basic Types of Action Scenes (20 min)
  • The Fight
  • The Shootout
  • The Chase
  • The Battle
Tips and Tricks (10 min)
  • Stage Blocking/Mapping
  • Vocabulary and Pacing
  • Role-Playing Games
  • Research
Second Hour – Putting It All Together
Group discussion (50 min)
  • Create an original Stunt
  • Create an original Engagement
  • Create an original Sequence
Question and Answer (10 min)
Materials needed: White board/chalkboard and dry erase markers/chalk
*Workshop could extend to a third hour, with additional analysis of action scene clips from movies and additional attendee participation; requires a Windows-compatible projector.
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