Got milk?

August 21st, 2011

Flowers On The Wall by The Statler Brothers

Been a long time coming…

…But I’m proud to announce that I’ve rereleased The Milkman in a special, “author’s cut” edition. Here’s the blurb and the cover for your enjoyment!

When Liza, an intrepid reporter, stakes her career on an interview with a milkman named Blake, things go from weird to worse when they are abducted by aliens. After finding out the real reason aliens anally probe their abductees, the two heroes have no choice but to recruit a makeshift army of genius bikers to take the fight to the aliens and save the world!

Originally released as a print-on-demand book in 2005, The Milkman returns in the revised and expanded SuperSekrit Extra Cheesy Edition, chock full of goofy fun never included in the original edition.

Includes lots of bonus features such as:

-Author’s commentary track
-Soundtrack listing
-Sneak peek at The Milkman 2: Evil Garden Gnome
-Previews of future books from Ian Thomas Healy
-Gag Reel (and aren’t you curious how I managed to pull that off?)

Get it on Smashwords now, and other ebook retailers very, very soon for only $2.99

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